Since I have been dieting and watching what I eat for the past week now, I find that eating healthy is an option when I am out and about with the kiddos. When traveling, I grab a Yoplait yogurt and bottle of water. It’s only been a week and already my body is adjusting to the smaller portions. I haven’t eaten a large meal since I started and I feel refreshed each morning and more alert. The dark circles around my eyes due to lack of rest and water is fading and I feel lighter. One thing I forgot to do during this Yoplait challenge was document my weight loss. I forgot to buy a scale! SMH…
My new food regimen and diet will definitely continue. But I have grown to appreciate breakfast drinks. One bottle of Special K Chocolate milk protein drink in the morning held over until dinner time! I am unsure if it would be the same for a different body type, but me being 5’4 135lbs, it reduced my appetite almost the whole day.

Another snack I found is Nutella & go. It’s a hazelnut spread with breadsticks to dip with. I actually enjoy it and also reduces my appetite as well.

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