About a month ago, I went on my routine thrift search and stumbled across two pairs of shoes in excellent condition. Luckily they were my size! The first pair I found were these brown BCBG dress shoes for $9!!  The last pair was some Ralph Lauren sneakers which costed me $12. The shoes were fairly new, maybe a couple of times being worn, but still fresh. I also find a pair of J.Crew jean/trousers for $4! If you are familiar with J.Crew, you know they are pricey at times. I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of them, but I will be sure to do my very first OOTD featuring the J.Crews jeans. I hit the jackpot that day! I enjoy a good thrift find. I wonder what I will find the next time? Hmmm…

Thrifting can definitely be challenging and time consuming. Almost 95% of the time, I have the kids with me. I am sure to feed them well before I go and treat them to a snack afterwards for their behavior to make my experience enjoyable and stress-free. 

Until next time…happy thrifting!

There’s a little rough points to this shoe, but nothing a little grease won’t fix!
Ralph Lauren Polo Sport sneakers in like new condition and quite comfy!!

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