Dress how you want in Jesus’ Name?!?!??

Well, looks like the church is riding the fence on this one! Before I share my thoughts about this subject, I will begin with this question from Megan Good that was posted on her Instagram account…. “Why would anyone ever want to be a Christian when you see how they treat each other?” So…what happened?!? On a promotional […]

Operation: Back to School Organization

Yup! it’s that time again!! Checking off supply lists, early registration, buying more clothes… it’s almost a love/hate time of the year as a parent! LOVE- your children won’t raid thee kitchen in the middle of the day. No fighting or unnecessary spills. HATE- you have to get the kids in the habit of going […]

Thrift Finds

 About a month ago, I went on my routine thrift search and stumbled across two pairs of shoes in excellent condition. Luckily they were my size! The first pair I found were these brown BCBG dress shoes for $9!!  The last pair was some Ralph Lauren sneakers which costed me $12. The shoes were fairly new, […]