For a few months now, I have been carefuly observing my daughter’s hair and testing ways I can retend their lengths. Here are some of my findings:

1. It is hard for me to keep a style in their hair for longer than 2 days.
2. Their hair is extremely hard to keep moisturized. (Our hair drinks up everything!)
3. Detangling every few days is a MUST!!
4. Washing weekly prevents additional dryness and unruly hair.
5. Co-washing is best! I use shampoo when they have been exposed to dirt or been sweating a lot to clean their scalp, but besides that…co-washing (or washing with conditioner only) is our friend.
6. Daily scalp massages and attention.

With that being said, I have found out a lot about OUR hair. I use heat when drying their hair because detangling and air drying is a horrific experience and challenge for our hair. Only way to keep our hair tangle-free is to blow dry it. I use low settings when doing so. I will only flat iron their hair on special occasions or when daddy want to see some length.

Now with Raymiah, she can get away with semi blow dried hair because her hair is less likely to tangle when wet. Her hair texture is dense…dense dense and very fragile. I have to use precaution before I start her hair and her scalp is very sensitive.

Raymiah hair flat ironed March 2012

 Rylee’s hair is delicate as well with a very different texture and curl pattern. Her hair is easy to style but won’t hold a style without some assistance with some pomade. Her hair tends to dry within a few hours and will tangle without notice.

Rylee’s hair flat ironed Dec. 2011

It is definitely a challenge maintaining natural hair but there are some great rewards in taking care of a variety of textures and learning what works best for our hair. I am learning to love it.

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