I discovered Veggietales months before Raymiah was born and I knew that this ministry will both educate her and entertain her. I wish my parents knew about Veggietales during my childhood years. I love their movies and characters. I went on a Veggietales craze by buying used DVDs on Ebay and Amazon.com. Well, for those who are like “What in the world is she talking about?” “What’s a Veggietales?” I’ll catch you up now!

Veggietales is a Christian based cartoon created by Phil Vischer and Mike Narowski in 1993. Since then they have dozens of educational and moral values that come straight from the bible. I am mostly encouraged by “The Snoodles Tale” (2003). It was the 22nd short film of the Veggietales series. The moral of this short film is to know that God created you for a purpose and even though your peers are  not accepting of your skills and appearance, “God has made you special and He loves you very much!” It has a Dr. Suess/fairy tale feel to it and is very cute!
If you haven’t had the privilege to enjoy a Veggietales movie with your children, I think you should!

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