I have a love/hate relationship with my hair..more love than hate though. I have been struggling to find what works best for me. I am a devout Youtuber and will research different techniques and tricks. What I have concluded in my years of research is…my hair is different and I cannot do what others may find cute or manageable for their hair.

For one, my hair likes heat. I have to blow dry! Air drying causes tangles and single strand knots like no body’s business. Secondly all these “protective stylings”? Not for me. Not even twisted styles work for me. I know I’m weird, but hey!

I am still learning but in the process, there’s growth and I am pleased! I have had some ups and downs with some trials and errors in the mix, but my hair is hanging on.

Dec. 2011-pony tail

Aug. 2009-pony tail

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