I am most certain that everyone knows about the act of love and sacrifice that Christ made over 2000 years ago on the cross; but do you know the significance of it all? History record and acknowledges Jesus,but do you truly understand the sacrifice? He wore our burdens, our downfalls, our mess, our sins that day. His crucifixion to me represent the death of a corrupt life and Hi resurrection represent a rebirth, and second chance to do things right and holy. He was broken so that we can be made whole. What a act of selfless love! Not a moment goes by that I don’t think about the weight and destruction of sin that was paid for by a man who was without sin. Jesus conquered death through His resurrection. Because He did we can live. The worries of this world no longer burdens me because I know that I am a conqueror. This past year was truly a test of faith, but God is faithful and He was faithful to deliver us out of our troubles. Being surrounded by constant discouragement and finding God in that dark place was the most inspiring and memorable thing that has ever happened to us. God can deliver. God is faithful to His people and He cares for us. This week is truly one of the most heartfelt Passion weeks I have ever had. I now understand the depth of God’s love toward me. I feel amazing to know that Jesus thought of me enough to die for me. What a powerful thing! What does salvation look like for you?

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