For the past 6 years, I’ve been mothering and know the struggle that comes with raising Godly children. Knowing that they mirror our behavior and words has had me on my toes. Besides being the nurturer of the home, I have learned the importance of routine and discipline, especially when it comes to potty training.

When Raymiah was reaching her second birthday, I decided to buckle down and start potty training. With no experience, I was able to successful train her to use the toilet almost a year later. I now realize that was entirely too much time in training her. My patience and Raymiah’s frustration took the best of me. When Rylee came along and it was her turn, it took a WEEK to train her. I believe it was the help of Raymiah that sped up the process. Now….here comes the boy!

My son, Ray the Third is quite independent and I figure this would help me during the potty training, but I was so wrong. Not only did he enjoy hours “free”, but he is also curious about “it” which makes it a challenge to keep him focused on making wets.

I started potty training him at 13 months (approx. Dec. 2010). Then stopped because he wasn’t ready. I tried again May 2011. After a few life changing events, I put potty training on hold. Now almost a year later, we are back at it again. My husband has been a HUGE help in training him by taking 2 days off of work to monitor him and discipline during the training. As of today, potty training is a success and we haven’t had a major accidents in about a week. We may have the occasional “I am extremely too excited to make it” or “I am in trouble and can’t control it” but it is working out.

To award him for his potty successes, we usually compliment him. I have tried candy and treats, but no go. Ray has also brought home monster trucks ans games for their successes which helps a lot.

Do you have any suggestions or ways that made your training a success? What didn’t work?

Let me know!!

Raymiah in her potty training stage

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