Well… to answer this question as blunt as I could… when they are old enough to blame their sibling for a mess. LOL If they notice that something is dirty or smelly, it is time for them to get schooled! As you may know, I have 4 children. I am a stay at home mom and have a full schedule all day long. With school, potty training, finances and budgeting, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping things tend to get pushed further on my list. Now, I keep a clean home, but it is always good to have help. I have decided to buckle down and create a chore list for the kids. They make messes ad it is time for them to clean it up. I believe once they realize that they don’t have to be messy after playing or eating the messes will get smaller.

 My mom started my off pretty young too with cleaning. But my story is a bit different. One day after school ( I was in kindergarten at the time), I thought I will surprise my mom by cleaning the dishes. When she finished her nap, I walked her into the kitchen and she was completely floored at the job I did with cleaning the kitchen. This started some major responsibilities for little ol’ me. At times I regretted starting myself so young, but I know now that I was a big help for my mom.

My children are pretty independent and started making themselves and each other lunch and pouring juice at the age of 2, so why not make them know the importance of keeping a clean home and learning responsibility?

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