Derrick Rose, Bernie Mac, Carol Mosley-Braun, The Pargo Brothers all raised in the city’s South side. I am also apart of this group. By the look of this list, Englewood has bred some great people. Every person’s story differs more extreme than others. I was born and raised in the Englewood community. An urban development that has a status of murders and hatred. My family lived in several parts of this community and are still in the heart of it. My dad, a community activity who worked along side of Barack Obama still work toward reviving this dream strickened community. Summer was the most horrific times of the year for this town. You would think the kids would enjoy water balloon fights and the great beaches in the city, but they are on lockdown in their homes because of the gun violence that seeps across the neighborhoods all day long. Not even your homes are safe. I had a friend I mentored back in 8th grade who was gun down in her second floor apartment. Not one day went by that I didn’t fear for my life.

 I attended Ralph Bunche Elementary which now a charter school for kindergarten, Francis Parker Elementary (only 3 months) for 1st which is closed, and Charles Earle Elementary for the remaining school year for 1st grade though 8th grade. Paul Robeson High all four years and had more than a dozen of my pupils commit suicide, murdered, drop out or kicked out. Each school I had to walk every morning and afternoon, walking pass drugies and thugs. I was terrified! I decided to ride the CTA (public transportation) to school on occasions and was in the midst of fights with students fighting each whether from the same school or rival schools or even with the driver of the bus. Some drivers refused to drive us without police escorts. I’ve seen obscene behavior on those walks home too vulgar to write. I had family who were gun down or the cause of violence and drug abuse. My eyes have seen much.

 My prayer is that my family is safe. Englewood is a death trap and I ask that you who are reading would say a prayer for the residents of the City of Chicago. Summer time is the worst time for this city and many families are mourning as I write this. I pray for the pastors of this community to become a model for the young men and show them there’s a better way to live and that is to live in Christ. Englewood lacks a father figure and support from the community pastors. Everyone is fearing for their lives and it shouldn’t be this way.

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