Today marks two special occasions in my life!
1. The courtship of me and my husband (6/25/2003)
2. The birth of my big girl, Raymiah (6/25/2006)

Raymiah celebrates her 6th birthday today and have been celebrating since this past Saturday! We took her to Humble, Texas to Old Macdonald’s Farm where she and her siblings rode ponies, trains, fed farm animals, played in sand mounds and playgrounds. We have a fun filled day. I made all of the food: fruit kabobs and finger sandwiches. It was cute and fed us comfortably in the humidity. Today, we stopped at Chuck E Cheese. You can never go wrong with CEC! It was a great day for my big girl!

Ray and I also share this day as our anniversary of our courtship. Only I celebrate this day or actually look back at what made us, us.

P.S. The date was not planned! LOL

Pictures and video footage of Raymiah’s birthday will be posted this week!

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