Brittani Perry- fashionista and mom

Being a single mother is an experience full of surprises, both good and bad. I count it as a privilege and an honor for God to give me a glimpse into His role as Father, Teacher, and Nurturer.  As I learn about Him, I then see myself…which is usually a mess!

Through My Father’s Eyes 101: My daughter and I follow the usual routine to prepare for bedtime…you know shower, brush teeth, fighting over what pajamas to wear (lol), prayer, and the NIGHT LIGHT! After tucking her in, I retreat to my oasis (the couch) to unwind. This only lasts for a few minutes before it’s interrupted with a “Mommy, I’m scared”. I return to her bedside to assure her all is well and that the night light is on. After returning to the couch, I was interrupted again…by God. Daily stressful demands of life paired with the turmoil of this world can often leave me fearful, doubtful and overwhelmed. God reminded me just as that night light pierced the darkness of the room, so does Jesus, God’s Word.  Jesus is the hope, security, assurance and the light that dispels all fear and leaves me in perfect peace.

By Brittani Perry

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