The modern woman wants a man to work all day, come straight home, give his a massage, smile over a too-tough steak, withhold any criticism about her attitude, hair, housekeeping  and then give her multiple orgasms before she goes to sleep.

We’ve really been warped in our expectations of wife-dom over time.

Mind control and social engineering are more than sci-fi movie notions.  Women have been under attack for decades and we have a long road back to our husbands.

One strategy I found necessary was breaking away from certain mass media long enough to re-center and READ my BIBLE.

Even for the strongest Christian needs to simply get back to basics after absorbing mega doses of YouTube and Facebook.  Browsing the Internet exposed me to voices and images that were more likely than not completely antithetical to my beliefs, but totally pleasing to vanity, deceit, and fleshy feminine desires:

Outfit of the Day competitions, crib makeovers, haul boasting?

It was starting to get ridiculous.  You know that Christian wife guilt that creeps in when you know you should be disgusted at that visual but you’re doubly intrigued?  Yes, the curse of EVE!

The question came to mind….Who is spending time keeping their home? Not eating the bread of idleness? Ensuring her children’s well-being? Certainly not the girl with the most viewers.  It seems the recipe for that was to show skin and reel em’ in?  What does this nonsense have to do with being a virtuous woman?  I had to be real with myself, my role and God’s definition of my daily duties.  It is in this state of submission that I find my greatest joy, as if God is smiling on me and cheering me on.

That is why I talk about hair in context of my relationship with the LORD.  I don’t have much to say outside of helping another woman grow in Him. All other talk is a poor use of time for both me and the viewer.  So you won’t find me viewing much.  I work on my own messages, post them and let them impact the people who want to hear the message about being pleasing to her husband and her GOD, not seeking to be pleased….those women whose sole desire is to become a crown of His glory.



Her bio- CrownofHisglory is a natural hair coach and founder of The Natural Hair Academy. Spreading the good news about growing one’s own natural hair, she passionately produces online video tutorials, webinars, instructional materials and live seminars to educate women on how to grow long and strong healthy hair. She is a popular beauty blogger on Youtube with over 2 million views and 13,500+ enthusiastic subscribers.

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