I feel I am an expert when it comes to nursing a baby. I’ve been in the game for nearly 7 years!! Nursing is very rewarding and inexpensive.

Let’s look into the rewarding benefits of nursing for baby:

1. Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. It has all the proteins, fats, and vitamins needed for a healthy baby!

2. Break milk help  reduce the chance of infection and sickness such as asthma and allergies and the antibodies to fight off bacteria.

3. Breast milk eliminates ear aches and colic which is common in formula fed babies.

4. Breast fed babies have been linked to higher test scores and social skills.

Benefits for Mom:

1. Moms burn calories and fat QUICKLY! I’m a WITNESS!!!

2. Breast feeding lowers the risks of breast and ovarian cancer.

3. No out of pocket costs on formula.


Nursing has been a blessing to my family and I am reaping the benefits of a nursed child.  Not having to deal with sicknesses an colicky babies have been great. Now, nursing isn’t for everyone, but there are options for mothers of all backgrounds and households. Choose which option works best for you!

Part 2 will be about my experiences about nursing….stay tuned!

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