I am an firm believer of the power of words. As a Christian mom, it is imperative to be salt and light 24/7. Children are sponges and will run with every word you say, good or bad and it can be used against you. Like my pastor say, you can tell someone you’re pregnant but after a while, the truth will be discovered. You can’t hide a pregnancy, like you can’t hide Christianity. People should see a difference in you.

Anyway, I stumbled across a video on YouTube by Jimmy Kimmel about “The Worst Things Your Mom Ever Said” and I am not surprised. We have children disrespecting all kinds of authority whether it be the parent or police. No matter who we blame, the evidence will be revealed and this video definitely proved the point. Like in education, parents are their children’s first teacher. What are you teaching yours?

Note: This video has language that was censored out. The audience are laughing, but this is no laughing matter. Disrespect and bad language is not funny neither should it be encouraged. A few children were trying to be respectful by not using the language but silly adults for the sake of comedy insisted they say the words.

Follow the link and tell me your thoughts.

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