It’s no secret that we LOVE V. Rose in our house. We spend quite a bit of time researching everything we do, even when it comes to music. I know most people, especially Christians, will say that I listen to this music for this reason or that. Then they try their best to assure you that whatever music you listen to is OK for them. Well, my house is nothing like that. We listen to Christian music only. Not because it’s our preference, but because it’s our belief. We believe that the spirit or atmosphere of a creator will follow its creation. As an example, if I create something to deal with my circumstance/atmosphere of sexuality, it will always require the atmosphere of sexuality to be heard. I’m saying that to say, there is no such thing as I only like the music and not the lyrics, or I only listen to the beat of music. It’s all or nothing. It is ministering to you in one aspect or another, regardless of if its immediately manifested.
Having said that, in my house we practice listening to Christian music only, regardless of our attitude and actions. If the music ministers to us, then we don’t necessarily have to be in the proper circumstance/atmosphere to listen to it, but that it will take you there. As Christians, our desire should be to be in the presence of God at all times. So if we are going to listen to music, it will be to usher us into the presence of God. Even if we are sitting at the door step of Hell. I believe it’s a good practice (as much as doing unto the others as you would have them do unto you).

We listen to Christian music only.

I said that entire rant, just to be sure that I validate the music we listen to and the type. And V. Rose fits the bill as an artist. I don’t know her personally, but the fruit that I have had the pleasure to experience reflects a tree that is similar to my belief. As a result, my kids LOVE HER. They wanted to do a music video, and so we went to work. My wife did mostly all of the work, and I love her for it. But I wrote this blog post, so I will be taking most of the credit. Just kidding! She put in a lot of time and effort for her first full video. Learning so many new things about Adobe Premiere and all the various equipment. I am really proud how she was able to stick to a goal and see it through. I know she wanted to finish the video fast, but she pushed through the desire to hurry and made a real quality piece of art. Anyway, feel free to watch the video below. Hope you enjoy!

author: Raymond Burns

I am a proud follower of Christ. I am a happy Husband of one. I am a proud father of 5. I love being a family man. Everything else is kind of extra! I have the freedom to do whatever I want in Christ. It truly is the favor that I have been living in.

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