My Cat Died!!!????

  • September 4, 2017

Elizabeth died. The ONE and ONLY cat that stayed with me(All my other cats ran away).

A long time ago, I was feeding my animals, but then I heard a meow. So I looked down and found a cat. She was begging for food, so I fed her. After that, I asked my dad if I could keep her. He said yes, but before he did, he told me to check on her, see if she was healthy, and she wasn’t, so i fed her every day, and checked if she was healthy, and she was.

A few years later, she had two baby girls. I was so happy, so I told my dad and he was happy. I said to myself God is good!

You know, each year she had babies. It was amazing, and then again, I said to myself God is good! I knew he could do anything. But this was the last year with Elizabeth, that was it.

I want YOU to comment how you think she died. ?Bye thank you!!!?