Hello 2020!! My outlook and motives of the year have changed and I am ready to take it on in full force!! 

I hope you have enjoyed my posts about my ESL journey, I have one more post about the steps I took to become a successful ESL teacher. I will walk you through my setup and props used to have a successful lesson with some of the most amazing students you’ll ever have online!

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to create a safe and inviting environment for your students (although some do), you can accomplish so much when you utilize the resources you have. If you’re like me and have young children, you have all the basics at your fingertips.

Laptop/pc and lighting

Most of us already have the luxury of owning a laptop or personal computer (PC) so this is a no-brainer. To teach online, you must have the essentials. A laptop/PC with stable internet access is important for a successful classroom experience. A sturdy headset is also imperative for your online classroom.

Per VIPKid’s request, these are the requirements:

Your device must have a minimum operating system of Windows7 or Mac OS 10. x, a memory of at least 4GB RAM

and a stable internet connection (Ethernet recommended) of at least 20 Mbps. Make sure you’re also up to date on the latest Flash Version and Chrome.

As far as lighting, you can use the bare minimal of a lamp or if you want to upgrade yourself in the future, use a ring light. I already had LEDs from my photography business, so you know I stay lit up. 🙂

One thing I love about teaching online is that I can teach anywhere!! This picture was taken moments before an evening class after a photoshoot!


Decorations, props AND REWARDS

Don’t worry! What you have at home may be all you need! Magnetic letters, flashcards, and a dry erase board is great and will get the job done. Once you are more comfortable and familiar with the lessons and your students, you can modify your props to teach your lessons. The Dollar Tree is an inexpensive alternative to build your prop box. You can even DIY flashcards or use items in your home.

The main point is, props are useless if your heart isn’t in it. Being an online ESL teacher can be draining because you have to be animated and exaggerate your movements and language to engage your students. Teaching is so fulfilling and I absolutely adore the students I meet. I have tremendous love and appreciation for the Chinese culture now than ever before because I see their lives a few hours a day.


Are you interested in becoming an online ESL teacher? I can help you!!

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