It’s a new year and I’m trying a new thing by documenting my try-on with pictures!! Whew, I can’t believe I’m doing this!

Well, as with all of my IPSY blogs, I will give you details on what I received!

January’s glam bag was quite fitting with the new year, resolutions and clean slates with the theme being “Clean Slate”. This bag focuses on the basics of beauty: clean skin, new brushes, and the classic red lippie.

First in the bag is the LUXE BEAUTY 560 Medium Fan Flawless Brush

I’m not sure how or what part of my face it services, but let’s assume cheeks. mmkkay! 🙂 Wow, so okay, as I’m typing, I’m learning how to use this brush! This brush is perfect for dusting shimmer on the high points of your face with minimal fallout.

Image result for LUXE BEAUTY 560 Medium Fan Flawless Brush

Next. BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Mineral Lipstick in Ruby

This classic red lipstick is hydrating and is infused with vitamins C and E to get your lips pillowy soft and protect them from damage with every swipe. It is literally smooth as butter!

bellåpierre Other - BELLÁPIERRE Mineral Lipstick in shade Ruby

MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer in 3.35

To be perfectly honest, I was afraid of this shade for the simple fact that IT ISN’T MY SHADE! But, as a highlight, it compliments nicely (IF USED CORRECTLY) and truth be told, I don’t know how to use it. YouTube will be my guide but I may have to use the help of some MUA’s that I’ve worked with.

This concealer is good for dark circles, redness, breakouts- whatever your skin concern, this concealer “covers it with ease”. I will be the judge of that once I find out how to apply it correctly.

Next, CELA Seed to Skin Scrub Natural Grain Polish

This scrub claims to “get rid of dry, dull skin cells”. Being in the dead of winter (even in Texas), my skin is dry and honestly unattractive. I need something to remedy that is a natural, effective way without being so harsh on my delicate, aging skin. It is made with Amazonian cupuacu seeds to exfoliate and shea butter to replenish moisture. As a moisturizer, I do use shea butter and it seems to work like a charm, so this scrub should be just as effective.

Image result for CELA Seed to Skin Scrub Natural Grain Polish

Lastly, well not lastly because I purchased extras… H20+ BEAUTY Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream

This cream claims to double the hydration levels of your skin for up to 24 hours. It should leave the skin looking plump and smooth, never greasy.

H20+ Other - H2O+
Oasis Hydrating Treatment NWT

Well, that’s all for the January’s Clean Slate” glam bag. I hope you have been enjoying this little series as it would be coming to a close very soon. I kind of know what my skin needs from head to toe and will make my best judgment to invest in products that will enhance my glow and hydration.

Stay tuned to me try-on on my IGTV. I also try-on the extras I purchased along with the glam bag. Follow me to see everything HisProverbs1822

Me wearing products from this month’s bag! Watch my try-on on IGTV
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