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Early Reader Resources
  • April 2, 2019

Education is an essential journey of our lives. You can’t do much of anything without math and reading. I have been privileged to teach my children and seeing them bloom is a very rewarding accomplishment. Today, I will like to share some of my favorite reading resources that I have grown to love. Read More

Throwback Thursday: Five Things I’ve Learned about Homeschooling
  • August 30, 2018
  • Previously posted on In the Life of a Virtuous Woman blog…



“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6


I’m often reminded by God that our choice in homeschooling our children was the best thing we can do for them in this season. There are some days where I don’t think I am capable or even qualified enough to teach them. But then again, I’m reminded… why not me?!? The bible clearly states, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) It is my God-given duty to train up my children in Him in every aspect of their youth so now I have to walk it out. Those days when I feel inadequate or when I’m told that my children’s social status is at risk or when I hear family talk about their children being in “Real school” I can turn to Him and encourage myself in knowing that I got this because He’s got me!

If you know my family, you know we are a very audacious family. We try to beat our own standards and have high regard in knowing that with God all things are possible. These past few months (nearly a year) of homeschooling, I can say… I still don’t have all the answers! 🙂 I can’t give you sound advice neither can I tell you which curriculum is best for your child… all I can tell you is to turn to Jesus and He’ll reveal some things to you that will encourage you and help your child to succeed.


March will be our first full year of homeschooling. If you are not familiar with our reason to homeschool, check out this post, When Homeschooling Became Our Only Option . 

With that being said, I did learn a few things about homeschooling in our year of trial and error…


  1. Resources– Never would I have imagined so many mothers dealing with the ups and downs of teaching their children at home. Some for medical reasons, some religious and others just wanting to pull their child from public school. I am apart of at least a dozen of Homeschool related Facebook groups and each one of them carry about 10k moms with questions, suggestions and plenty of free resources that I use everyday! Out of all my children, I am “officially” teaching my youngest to read. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had a big influence on my children’s literacy, but this time around, it’s all me and that is a very encouraging thing. I’ve also researched so many success stories about children who have been homeschooled and the percentage associated to that is amazing!!  Homeschoolers typically rate 37 percentage points higher than public school students. That is also very encouraging for this very reason…. The amount of unadulterated resources available to homeschool parents and children are limitless. Stay tuned for resources I found to be very useful for our family!
  2. Academics– During our first year of homeschooling, I’ve noticed my children’s strengths and weaknesses academically. I can say I am very blessed in this area because my children are self-sufficient and can work through difficult areas (at times) and master topics in subjects faster than what they would have in public school.  I am still trying to find a balance for our study schedules but I am more focused on my children’s struggle subject and strong subject and those subjects they can learn in their free time.
  3. Time Management or the lack thereof–  Speaking of time, I have yet to have a successful day LOL I know you’re saying in the back of your mind, “But she has all day with her kids to do whatever.” True, but the day seems to slip away and catch us completely off guard. Mind you, we still have a homestead to tend to as well as everything else we find our hands in. What I have learned is that everything I make a priority, is not. With all the resources freely given to me, I need to step back and reevaluate my life and know that I don’t have to do everything in a day’s time because the offer or link is effective for one day only! 🙂
  4. Socialization Skills– Never have I heard such ridiculousness! Luckily no one told me this in person, because my children don’t have an issues in this area… if anything, they talk too much! LOL Honestly, seeing how children behave in stores and in other group settings, I am happy my children aren’t “social”. I like the idea of teaching my children modesty and model behavior and having their innocence in tact. Witnessing what some 11 year old children talk about and do, I am grateful to have mine separate from such influence. The bible states, “bad company corrupts good character” and I would not want to put my children in a bad situation for the sake of socializing. Now, I am not dismissing the need of socialization, but using discretion when possible. My children are indeed social and have opportunities to hang out with friends but they are all aware of influence and, even at their young age, recognize wholesome conversation to eschew the contrary.
  5. God and Family– I am grateful for the opportunity to explore and study God’s Word throughout the week. My children ask questions and dig deeper in God in ways I would have never experienced if they were in public education. Our family time is spent in God’s Word and taking care of our animals and home. One thing I can say that can be a strain with my children being home all day is their appetite… like physical appetite! THESE KIDS CAN EAT!! So I have also used the time to teach them simple home economics (cooking and cleaning after themselves) and stewardship. 


This list is the condensed version of my lessons learned during our first year but it is important to know that we are all learning and growing together and individually. I am enjoying every struggle and joy homeschooling has brought to our family. I truly believed this is my ministry and when God told me to “Be The Change” three years ago still ring in my ear and it encourages me. My views on homeschooling are completely different from a year ago. It is no longer about out-doing public education but about their spiritual and academic growth while teaching them responsibility and stewardship and holding on to their innocence a little while longer.

Throwback Thursday: When Homeschooling Became Our Only Option
  • August 23, 2018

Welcome to my blog!! I haven’t been very active this year and it’s for a really important reason!

I am officially homeschooling my children. I’ve been fighting this for over 10 years and circumstances has brought us to the very important choice to home school our children.

I am very appreciative of the teachers that helped make learning fun and I am quite grateful for the experiences (good and bad) that help make my decision easier. But it was very hard to remove my comfort zone… public education.

After obtaining my degree in Education, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to change lives and mold great citizens. For over a year and a half, I’ve been hearing “Be the Change” and I was certain I knew what that entails. Not until recently, I was faced with situations that can easily be taken care of at home or for that matter would have never occurred. As a mom, my first reaction is to protect my children from outside influences, to guard their “gates”. I became offended by the remarks and excuses educators gave when it came to my children. Comments like, “Your child has become very distracted and uninterested in class. Their grades are amazing but I’m feeling that their lack of interest would do more harm than good.” This comment I have been hearing all year!! I would hate that my A students would be labeled as interested and possibly an issue for future educators.

We are big on education and to know that this simple comment can make or break my children in the future wasn’t a risk I wanted to take.

Although I kept receiving calls and emails and my uninterested children, my parenting and home life was questioned but I still tried to pursue teaching. Twice I’ve attempted to pass my certification and both times was unsuccessful. I truly believe this was my way out. My husband sat down with me and he made things clear for me. He said, obviously teaching in the public school isn’t for you, this is our chance to home school our own children. Then, it clicked, to be the change, it must start at home! I cried! To make things even more emotional, the first day home after I resigned from co-teaching at a public school, my youngest walked up to me (not knowing what I was thinking about) said, “I’m important too. I need you too!”

I dropped my insecurities about failing the certification (and to me failing at life) and started my research in home schooling again.


Then… the questions began to fill in my head….

“Will I have the patience for this?! I mean that 5 kids at all different levels in education!!”

“Am I being selfish for wanting my time alone during the day?”

“Can I do this?!”

“I think I will give up easily! Public education will eventually become my backup plan!”


Then it dawned on me… Patience for MY kids?! Are you serious!? I was willing to teaching 24 kids at a time with different learning styles and levels but I can’t teach my own FIVE children?!

There’s always time for myself if I’m willing to make time! YES I can do this and I will!!! I became my biggest discouragement! I refuse to fail!

My children need me and I will do this!! So the decision was made! So my kids will be home schooled!



I’m a month in at home schooling and NO it is not easy and YES it will get better!! I am constantly changing my lesson planning and even trying out higher grade levels for my children. I know how easily bored children can become so the great outdoors and trips to the library make teaching and learning fun for all of us. Right now, I’m home schooling my youngest three. The oldest girls will begin this summer!

Home schooling is convenient and we can get a lot done in a short time. Vacations can be whenever we feel like it and no one will ever be absent! I am grateful for the opportunity to teach my children and I look forward to all they will do!

Be the change starts at home! I am the change my family needed and it begins with a “yes”. Yes I am willing to do what it takes to make my children successful. Yes I am willing to give them opportunity to explore and be kids! They deserve that much!


Stay tuned for more home schooling updates and curriculum suggestions!!