Good Day! Hope everyone is happy, healthy and active during this time off from regular activities. We all know what is happening around the world as we try to contain the spread of this invisible threat. I am confident in the God of everything. If you haven’t already, read my previous blog post Finding Comfort in Psalm 91 here.

So, today, I will share my favorite Brain Exercises for children ages 3-8. If you don’t know, I am a teacher specializing in the education of small children. These are all YouTube channels I have tried and found successful in my home. To read about my home school journey, click here.


There are plenty of educational resources on YouTube. I will list them with links for your convenience!

I enjoy listening to read aloud books with my younger children. If you have the book to read along, that is always a plus! Pete the Cat is always a favorite and the music is catchy! Read alouds are geared toward early readers (ages 3-6) but anyone at any age can enjoy them!

Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes-

Image result for pete the cat

Pete the Cat and his 4 Groovy Buttons-


If you browse YouTube for Read Alouds, you will find plenty of books to choose from! Remember, as the parent, you know your children’s likes and dislikes. Yours may not like Pete the Cat, but maybe they’ll enjoy Elmo or Peppa Pig! Have fun learning and reading with your child.

As my children learned the alphabet, we practiced with Alphablocks. This cute channel is filled with bright colors and repetition geared to teach letter recognition and sounds.


Also on YouTube, we enjoy learning science and math with Kids Learning Tube!

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Kids Learning Tube publishes weekly sing-a-long animated videos on YouTube that cover a vast array of educational subjects including:

We also love Hopscotch for this same reason! Music and education together is always a plus!


Like any child, music is a great source of learning and recalling anything! If I mentions Folgers, you’ll automatically sing the jingle in your head. What if I say, “I’m lovin’ it”? What do you associate this catchphrase with?!? So now we all know the importance of music in education, I found a good YouTube Channel that teaches children musical terms and notes simply.

Image result for prodigies music for kids

Prodigies Music Lessons for kids on YouTube:



Who doesn’t like a catchy math tune! Your child will love to learn math facts from these amazing YouTube Channels”

Hopscotch: Learn the Addition Math Facts-

Also there’s Preschool Prep Company:

This list is condensed and it is definitely customizable to fit the needs of your child. Many of the channels I’ve mentioned serves multiple purposes. You can learn math, science and geopgraphy from on channel or you can mix it up to your liking!


I hope this helps you during our time of seclusion. Take this time of social distancing to grow the minds of your early learners!


Stay tuned tomorrow for printable worksheets for your child for hands-on activities as well as projects you can do with everyday household items!

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