~Ways to save $$~

With prices going through the roof and a new frugal lifestyle, I have learned the importance of a dollar. I am privileged to know both extremes of having money, but now we are serious about our goals, we’ve decided to buckle now. Here are some ways we save:

Groceries: Buying in bulk when possible. Ray and I found a butcher a few years back in Illinois and bought a ½ cow which lasted 1 ½ years! We had home-cooked meals that consisted of T-bones, sirloins and anything a ½ cow can give out. But anyway, buy items that will work for mealtime…not buying things that will sit in the pantry will save space and money.

Clothing: Now we LOVE LOVE LOVE a great deal. We try not to buy from a physical store if possible. We use EBay, Craigslist, and online stores to get great deals and we also by clothes in bulk, especially for the kids.

Home: I am learning to love my sewing machine. Whenever there is a time I can use it, I would. Ex: pillowcases and repairing torn clothes.

Hair and Body: Being natural has its benefits. Not only is our hair healthy and strong, but I have the ability to create body washes, soaps, moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners that is healthy, fits our hair type and will promote growth. I am also in the process of starting a product line so tune tuned for that as well. I also make hair accessories for the girls and for those with girls, know that buying hair accessories can add up!

Transportation: We have a smaller car and Ray will be driving that to work to save us hundreds of dollars in fuel by not driving our SUV.

In what ways do you save money? Share if you’d like!

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