Before I became a mother, I wore a size 0. I liked my figure for the most part because I had a dream to become a model, but because I am only 5’5, that dream didn’t measure up…literally. Now after FOUR babies, I only dream to be that size again. I’m now a size 4 and I am now comfortable with this size, but I know a size 5 can look so much better. My husband enjoys these new curves, but I know the feel better about this new body, I must work hard to shape it up. Last year, my husband brought home a PS3 Move with a Zumba workout “game”. He heard me mention it before, and I was quite surprised that he actually got it. After I had my son, I was the biggest I’ve ever been. I wore mostly 7’s. I was horrified! Now don’t get me wrong, some women can make a 7 look fabulous, but my height wasn’t use to the extra. Nursing my children helped shed pounds, but I wasn’t eating healthy all of the time. I began a workout schedule and was losing inches, but then my workouts came to an end once I found out I was pregnant AGAIN. So nearly a year later after I decided to shape up, I’m back at it again. I am now working out 3 times a week 30-40 minutes each of those three days. Since I began this new schedule, I’ve cut back on the fried and processed foods and sugared beverages to baked and sautéed meals, fruit juices and plenty of water. Not only am I enjoying the workout, but I feel a difference and see the outcome of this Zumba workout and healthy eating.

If you are considering a workout regimen but hate being bored, try Zumba!

Check out the video to see how it works…this video is played with the Kinect, but with the Move, you use the controller and Zumba belt to monitor movement and hip action.

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