Last week while enjoying some yogurt, I read the container and saw a weight loss challenge advertisement. I went online and became interested in the Yoplait’s 2 week Tune Up Challenge. The challenge is to follow a strict yet flexible meal plan and exercise 30-40 minutes a day and lose 5 pounds after 2 weeks. I have decided to take the challenge and went grocery shopping. The idea is to eat smaller, healthier portions throughout the day and exercise. It is not a bad plan and actually it’s perfect for me. We shall see.

My desire is to lose 5 lbs then tone up. I am sure I can achieve it with this challenge then continue eating as the challenge suggest.

Here’s a link to my meal plan:

Me as of December 2011

I am only about 135-ish and I am sure you guys probably wont see a difference 2 weeks from now, but I will definitely feel the difference! I just want to get rid of this baby belly.

Stay tuned…. ;o)

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