What do you see when you look at the photo of the pink foamy stuff? Perphaps this….

After doing some surfaced researched, this is what McDonalds McNuggets are made of. It is mechanically separated chicken with ammonia soaked into it which gives it its pink color. It reminds me of a hair relaxer. I am extremely gross out knowing this information. The resulting paste goes on to become the main ingredients in many of America’s favorite mass-produced and processed meat-like foods and snacks: hot dogs, jerky, pepperoni, chicken patties and of course chicken nuggets.

Or, what about the Big Mac? What do you think when you see this? <<

Check out this youtube clip and respond.

I know this is a wake up call! I know many of you are super duper busy and always on the go, but please don’t result in fast food. A healthy alternative to a quick meal or snack will be a piece of fruit, yogurt or granola. Making lunch consisting of a fresh deli sandwich with a bottle of water should hold you over until you and your family arrive home.

Your health depends on it! Food prepared at home and is homemade is not only healthier but safer for your family as well!

One thought on “The Truth behind….Fast Food

  1. Tra Mac

    An inconveniece indeed. The fact that a fast food meal is about $4-$7 per person is enough to stop me! I have a family of 4. $20 for one unhealthy meal versus $20 for a whole chicken, a bag of Yukon gold potatoes and a bunch of fresh broccoli is what they call a no brainer. And I get leftovers! I have challenged myself to prepare fresh meals at home as often as possible.

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