Randomly, I will post my favorite failures… I know you’re thinking, “What on Earth is the matter with this lady!??” Well, we all post our accomplishments, wanting accolades and pats on our backs, but what about those random failures that mold us to become better women, wives, and mothers?

MOM FAIL #2134
We all that moment during the month where  attempt to eat everything in the refrigerator to clean and bring in new food. Well, this week was my week! This morning, I cooked the last of the sausage and eggs. I had tortillas, shredded cheese, and taco sauce…oh, and Malt-O-Meal…so I “attempted” to make breakfast tacos. Assuming it would be a huge hit with my kids, I served it. The looks I received was unbelievable, the comments were worse!! LOL
My oldest exclaims, “Mom, this looks bad, but I’ll eat the eggs.” Then she goes on to say, “Everything is nasty, except the juice. I’ll drink the juice!” I laughed! Then my second oldest says, “We need to go to Walmart to get more food. I don’t like this.”
Now you would think all that was said was offensive, but it did not top what my son did! Now, he would eat anything, unless he really hates it. He’ll eat my food all day, but not today, he picked over EVERYTHING! SMH.. This refrigerator day was a complete failure, but I got a great laugh out of it!! LOL

More to come!!

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