Courtney is a wife and mother of 6 and is a dear friend and model of mine!

Living in a house with 7 different personalities is sometimes like being a telephone operator from back in the day. You have to pick up the server, hear where they want to go, then connect the line until the call is completed, then disconnect. Then connect again, remember who’s connected to what line and at all times remember someone else is waiting to be connected to a line. So, in the honor that is to be responsible for the receiver getting the right information or connection. I know that the LORD knows better than I my purpose.  
Mothers are the life givers so children trust you (don’t doubt it) they listen they soak up every word you say so, be what they need when they need it, God will strengthen you.  The day will stop, the night will come, and rest will set over your home and you will be renewed. In this the LORD will reveal our gifts, our dreams, and aspirations. I would read my children the bible or stories I loved as a child and began change my voice and create new endings that my oldest daughter still remembers to this day; so I began to write short plays and stories for the youth at my church and daughter followed. She’s better than me now, but I love to write and I pray God blesses her in talent. So when she mentions an audition or she needs ink for her printer… I’m connected, I’m concerned and I follow through.  It’s all in the connection.  
Get Connected to everything your kids say and do and stay there. And remember I will be blessed because I am the blessed of the Lord.  

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