My experience with being a working mom comes with both regret and reward. I say regret because there has been many times when I had to make the tough decision of going to work and leaving a sick child with a caretaker, or missing out on a football game or school performance. Being the active parent that I am, missing out on anything important to them, was a painful situation for me. I am a firm believer that a parent’s presence serves a far greater purpose than any presents (gifts/things) that money can buy. Unfortunately my household could not survive without my income so going to work was not an option, it was a necessity. Now that my children are older, I am starting to see the fruit of my labor (reward). There is no way to reap and sow in the same season. During my sowing season, it was difficult to walk away from my crying/disappointed child because once again, work had to come first. Now, when I consider all things in retrospect, my strong work ethic back then was a seed sown into my children that I am able to reap the benefits from. Seeing me go to work and make sacrifices for my family then, has now spilled over into their young adult lives. I notice (and am Godly proud) that they all take great pride in a strong work ethic and knowing that my sacrifices in their early years, is now a reward for their character and has built in them a strong work ethic, makes me grateful to God for having the strength and wisdom to follow through with those tough decisions.

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