Well, I visited my doctor for my 27 week prenatal exam. Baby is doing awesome and like before gave the nurse a hard time trying to measure and listen to her heartbeats. She’s a little mover!!  I gained 2 lbs since my last visit 3 weeks ago and I received my results from my glucose test which was negative…YAY!! One of the nurses called me last week trying to scare me about my iron levels but my doctor confirmed that everything checked out great!

I feel much heavier than a few weeks ago and have to potty more often…more like 3 times an hour!! She moves all throughout the night making sleeping less pleasant and very uncomfortable! Sometimes, walking for a long period of time (like walking through a mall) is uneasy now. This baby want me to take my time in everything I do ad if I don’t, I will definitely feel it! I will be so happy to deliver this baby and look at her face to face and ask her why she had to be so different from the rest of my pregnancies!

I have been craving weird things like peanut butter and Twizzlers (not together..ugh!) I don’t even like Twizzlers, but I just had to eat them! I also have been cooking up some of my awesome chili (for the extra iron of course) and have been drinking plenty of water!! Water is so refreshing and pleasing than lemonades and fruit juices in my opinion…before it was the other way around! But to my surprise, I probably would have to cut pineapple out of my diet my last month or so..why? Well… continue reading.

Pineapples my induce labor!! What?? I’ve been pregnant 4 other times and all of the research I have done, I never came across this information. Maybe it was not for me to worry about then. Or, maybe I should continue to do what I have been doing. But anyway,

Bromelain, a type of proteolytic enzyme found in pineapples, may help to soften the cervix which could explain how it helps to bring on labor.  Since it is also used as a digestive aid, it may stimulate the bowels to move, which could bring on contractions as well. Even if pineapples don’t help to bring on labor, they may help tone and ripen your cervix, making your body more favorable to start labor. But it is only found in fresh pineapples.

What do you think about this info?

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