Stay at home wife and mommy is a tough cookie. Finding a balance between the two is even harder! After I had Rebekah, my husband and I have been constant with our date nights and time together. Having a healthy marriage with my husband is my goal and having time dedicated for us is imperative!

Being a wife is always overshadowed by my motherly duties. I can wear my PJs all day because I am cleaning, running errands, and cooking for the babies all day everyday. It takes an effort to set time aside to actually think about dressing up during the day with the kids, but baby steps are all it takes! Waking up early with my husband to help him start his day. Taking time for me in the morning after I take my oldest two to school and before the rest wakes up was a struggle before but not anymore.

In the bible, the Proverbs 31 Woman shows balance and control in all she do. Check out the break down here:

I found balance between both roles. Both are equally important but it was important for me to do this for my sanity! LOL

How do you balance your life??

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