When you think of a stay-at-home mom, what comes to mind? Maybe a woman wearing her PJs and rollers in her hair? What about a woman with 12 kids strapped to her hips and ankles? Or a soccer mom at the mercy of her sport enthused kid? Well, those instances may be true for some moms, but this one right here… Uhhhh na!

“You’re at home all day, you don’t have anything to do!”

Yea, I get that a lot, but it’s time to break the silence! We are more than “babysitters”! We are: doctors, therapists, teachers, gourmet chefs, personal trainers, nutritionists, cheerleaders, and accountants!

I am at home with my little ones, but that’s not all I do! I help them prepare for school while pursuing my degree in Early Childhood Administration, create media for my church, run errands, update my finances and prep dinner. This is an everyday affair and I enjoy every moment of it! So, when people walk up to me asking for help from  me and says, “Oh you can do it, you have nothing to do anyway.” I am ready to bust some heads! LOL Just kidding!

But seriously…

Stay at home moms have a huge responsibility to maintain a clean and efficient home with respectful children and a satisfied husband. I deal with multiple personalities a day and now learning to take timeout for myself and my husband. In the end, all the hustle of motherhood pays off. I’m loving it!

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