Let’s be honest. We all want to be better and with every good intentions, we try our hardest to make life and relationship meaningful. Even if that means, reading. Now, I am not an avid reader, but I will definitely pick up a book if it means, I’ll benefit from it. Basically, I can’t read anything. I’m not the gossip reading type or the kind that reads for relaxation, I read with purpose. With that being said, here’s my favorite books for marriage and motherhood.

In no particular order…

How to Be a  God Chaser and a Kid Chaser –  This book was gifted to me at a time in my life I was trying to balance a job and raising my children a few years ago. I didn’t think I was able to do both successfully (I was right). I cracked opened this book and it made me recognize my true responsibility and that was my children.  This book helped me value my role as a Godly mother that not only live the life in front of my children but outside as well. In the book, I read

“Passionate parents in pursuit of God can produce passionate children in God’s kingdom. Heavenly passion and earthly passion can mix!”

This is so simple but it was an eye opener for me. I felt selfish for wanting to work, but this reminded me that there’s nothing wrong with that pursuit as long as it doesn’t take me away from my heavenly pursuit in serving God and taking care of my family. I walked away from that job knowing I was doing the right thing and today I can say I am happy I followed through.

Radical Womanhood – I was reluctant to read this book when I read the title but then I read closely… Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World.. It all made sense and I was eager to get this book home to read it. I think this is one of 3 books I’ve purchased with my own money. I think this was a good investment. I bought this book when I was newly married and at the time, people was in my ear saying that I need to find my “own identity” and create my “own life”. I was offended being that I was encouraged to have a life outside of my new marriage. IT was almost as if I was given faulty information that was meant to destroy my marriage. In this book, it talks uncovers the balance of cultural influences and biblical authority when it comes to my role as a woman, wife and mother. At the end of the day, I am those 3 things despite what culture say I ought to be.This book was God sent and I am blessed to have read this when I needed it the most. Yes, this book has been in my library over 13 years, but I was refer to this book when needed.

I think every married couple has these next few books in their collection…

The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman either made you highly motivated or highly upset, in my home, it was a mixture of both. When we purchased this book, I just knew it would make us a better team when it came to communication. When we dug deep into our affirmations, I was ready to throw this book away because Ray tried to make me do all the talking.. What’s his problem!? 🙂 All jokes aside, this book opened the conversation of communication. It was definitely a challenge for me because I am not the easiest to talk to. I wasn’t brought up in a home where communication was key. Chains were definitely broken. Today, I still give Ray a hard time when communicating with him, but we’re (more like I am) doing so much better!

The Five Languages of Apology – I purchased this book only because I signed us up for a married couple class based around this book. It didn’t go over well and we only went to 1/2 a class. We couldn’t stomach it. 🙂 But I did study this book on my own terms and even practiced some techniques on Ray (without him knowing).  In this book we (I) exercised these steps: Expressing Regret, Accepting Responsibility, Making Restitution, Genuinely Repenting and Requesting Forgiveness. When I tried this on Ray, he picked up on it quickly then we explored this idea together. Honestly, I can KonMari this book! 


Marriage on The Rock – A few weeks ago Ray and I went to a stimulcast of the XO Conference… We were so late arriving, but we did receive some encouragement knowing we are in the right direction when it comes to our relationship. But this book was for sell at the conference and I had to get it. I am still reading this book and will review it on my blog. So far I am enjoying this book.


Do you have any go to books? What’s your favorite genre? Let’s talk about it!

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