I hope you are enjoying this series so far.. Today, I will focus on blogs I enjoy reading and supporting. As you may have realized, I am very conscience to what I read. I am intentional about life and what I allow in it. The blogs that I will be mentioning are great resources for woman, mothers or Christians in general. I play a few roles in my home, and it can be overwhelming and discouraging at times especially when you think you are going through the motions alone.

 Kelly Needham 

I’ve been following Kelly Needham for nearly a decade. She’s practically my BFF in my head. She’s a mother of three and wife of gospel artist, Jimmy Needham (who happens to be one of my favorite singers). Kelly’s blog is full of wisdom, application and Gospel truth.






John Piper’s Desiring God 

I’ve been listening to his podcasts and reading his daily devotions for a few years now and it’s still refreshing and encouraging and convicting. His podcast (available in many forms) coincides with his blog so it is always easy to read and understand because he always go in depth on lessons and studies. He is also available to ask questions and give the most biblical advice possible.



Priscilla Shirer’s Going Beyond

Priscilla is a storyteller and that makes reading her blog even more interesting and inspiring. I recently became a fan of her work and speaking. She invites other writers on her blog which gives it a unique and personalized view and application of the Word of God. It it almost set up as a devotional which means it’s short, sweet and to the point.





Social media can have one of two affects on you: either it can make you better or break you. I try to be conscience of what I allow into my life, even on the internet. These resources keep me in check and make my home life and bible study better. It keeps me motivated and encouraged. What are some ways you stay informed or encouraged?



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