If you know us or have been following this blog for any amount of time, you know we love to learn and take chances on education and adventure. This month is no different. We have taken the initiative (or at least attempt) to speak Spanish the entire month of October. This is how it would work:

Every communication via text message or email within our family will be in Spanish.

Every entertainment (video or movie) must be in Spanish. Subtitles in English are permitted. The only time where this is excused is during learning hours.

So we’ve had a strange time, to say the least, but it is amazing to see how we are able to associate actions with the Spanish phrases we learn. We sit together as a family and watch Spanish education videos and send language videos via Google Hangouts so we are always learning. We’ve also incorporated Word of the Days.

My children enjoyed a Netflix series titled “Raising Dion”. You would think they would be turned off by having to watch it in Spanish, but they were episodes in and were thoroughly enjoying it. But then it finally happened…

So today, October 21, we didn’t succeed in Spanish month. We completely failed! LOL

Dad was caught watching a movie… IN ENGLISH! The kids were excited because if dad couldn’t do it, they didn’t have to. Spanish month was officially canceled on October 14!

Parents, have you ever challenged your family and it went awry? Please share your fails below! We’ve all had them!

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