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Kids Home? My Favorite Video Based Education for Growing Minds
  • March 16, 2020

Good Day! Hope everyone is happy, healthy and active during this time off from regular activities. We all know what is happening around the world as we try to contain the spread of this invisible threat. I am confident in the God of everything. If you haven’t already, read my previous blog post Finding Comfort in Psalm 91 here.

So, today, I will share my favorite Brain Exercises for children ages 3-8. If you don’t know, I am a teacher specializing in the education of small children. These are all YouTube channels I have tried and found successful in my home. To read about my home school journey, click here.

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A Book Report about Bad Kitty Puppy’s Big Day!
  • August 14, 2017

Hi, this is Raymiah, and I want to tell you about a book I read called.” Bad Kitty Puppy’s Big Day!” It Is a VERY good book! I hope you enjoy!

So, in the beginning of the story, kitty gets really mad and starts tearing stuff. The narrator calls Uncle Murray, 15 mins later, Uncle Murray comes, and picks up puppy because kitty is causing problems.So, they go for a walk and behind a bush, puppy finds a toy mouse. The officer pulls up and gives Uncle Murray a ticket, because puppy doesn’t have a leash. Uncle Murray didn’t want to go back to the house because bad kitty. So, he put his belt on the dog…for a leash.

The officer pulled up again and gives Murray another ticket because puppy did #2 and he didn’t have a bag to clean it, so, the officer gave him a bag and a ticket.

10 minutes later, the officer comes and gives Murray a third ticket, because the dog doesn’t have a license, so Uncle Murray gives puppy a license.

So, they go to a park where dogs are allowed. Soon, a dog comes and sniffs puppy’s butt. And, then the dog falls in love. And then she took puppy’s toy, then they get into a fight. Uncle Murray tries to stop it, but the tags rip off. And then the dogs go to the pound.

Then, the dog got mad. And, then the old dog comes. The dog said he’s crazy . Then, this tiny dog comes and tells the dogs not to listen old dog.  The tiny dog writes weird plans to escape the dog jail.

Soon, Murray picks up all the dogs that puppy met.

When PUPPY comes home, the whole house is messed up, because kitty was mad. Puppy gives kitty the mouse toy he found behind the bush, and kitty was happy.The narrator was like SERIOUSLY!!! Kitty was mad because she lost a TOY!!!

So that’s it. I hope you like my report and tell me YOUR fav book.



Book Report – Owl Diaries: A Woodland Wedding
  • August 3, 2017

This is a book report about owl diaries -a woodland wedding by Rebecca Elliott . The beginning of the book is about Miss .Featherbottom saying that the other classmates that it is pet day  Tuesday so that means and the owl wants to bring Baxter the bat for the pet day then after school Eva and her friends saw miss Featherbottom  and some other man holding each others wings  wing in wing the owls guessed who the man was holding her wings they guessed if it was her brother,cousin,her wing doctor or dance teacher or even her boyfriend after they talked about that Lucy went to Eva’s house to plan what their pets were gonna pets as kings and they made castle for them and and they were ready for Tuesday.The next day the  all the student brought their pets for the pets day.then one of

the classmates rung the bell for lunch time and they had a pets picnic in the classroom.Then Miss. Featherbottom told her students that her boyfriend was gonna marry her the Saturday coming up and the pets and the students were invited. She needed

them to find something to wear for the wedding and that is wear something old,new borrowed and something blue and  she already had something old.After school Lucy went with Eva to Eva’s house to make a wedding dress out of old sheets and made Baxter and Rex as grooms .They were playing wedding and they saw sue fly by and  she said something really mean to them then Lucy headed home and the owls went to sleep.Eva went to school early and when she saw Miss. Featherbottom she looked sad because some one stole her necklace.It was recess time and everyone was playing weddingand sue said something mean again.Eva ha

d an idea so she gathered everyone and asked who wants to be in the after school secret wedding planners club everyone but sue said yes.After school they had their first meeting and Eva wrote down the to do list :

1.bake cake

2. make decorations (garlands,balloons,tablecloths)

3.pick flowers for the bouquets

4. find a band

Next they went to Eva’s house to make bouquets and to pick flowers then they made a cake and had a flour fight.They all went home to day Miss. Featherbottom  was still sad because of the missing necklace then  the club held an emergency after school. They were detectives and looked for clues then they saw miss. Featherbottom’s necklace in sue bag they asked her is that the teachers necklace she said no even though they saw it was hers.They went to sue’s house and saw the necklace and sue looked sad because her mother that her birthday was the Sunday coming up. Sue said that she she was sorry that she stole her necklace and asked if she could be in the club they said yes. They went and made a crown and got pat supplies the next day was the wedding surprised her with the necklace after the wedding everyone went home  .Sunday they did a party at sue’s house while she was gone for her and she thanked  them and said sorry for stealing the necklace. That is all bye!