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Loving One Another
  • August 23, 2017

Hello my name is Rylee and I am going to tell you how to love one another.

We are focusing on  Matthew 7:12 this week and it  says “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.” The scripture is one of the ways to love one another. To love one another you are also to:  Accept one another (Romans 15:7). 7″ Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.”(1 Corinthians 13:4). “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”

To truly love someone, you must avoid trying to change the person for your own purposes. Accepting love is patient and kind, even when someone does not meet your expectations.  So what I mean about accepting one another  here is a example: So if you like one sport and your friend likes another you can a good friend and accept the sport that they like. You get it now? So that will be all.


What to do
  • August 17, 2017

Sometimes I get frustrated because I don’t know what to write about and Raymiah waits until I make a post and writes the same thing but exiting . But we do this every week and there is to much things to do. I don’t know what to do for the blog and most of the things I do I already wrote about .Sometimes I have to make to write about and I go to mom because she is the only adult here and I say” Which one of these should I write about sometimes she says it’s your blog sometimes she times she says pick the first one that popped in your head. I’m like really, you serious in ?(in my head). So I don’t like doing blogs for homework and this is what I mostly worry about sometimes.

  • August 15, 2017

So, I just found this cool game called Animal Jam on google, well, I didn’t  find it, a few years ago, my cool friend, named Ish, told me about this game. He told me it was fun. He was right. We found each other and went to each other’s dens. We sent each other cool colorful cards. The game was fun. Today, I went back on the game and I totally forgot my password. So, I had to make a new character, I had all those cool stuff, I was rich, and I completed mini games, but NOW I have to make a new character.☹ But, then I told myself that I can get those cool stuff back, all I have to do is keep going, and never stop. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!????

So, I found this cool game years ago, I FOUND IT!!! It’s called Poptropica. You get to complete missions, flip around, and take people’s clothes(NOT LITERALLY   X_X).

So, this cool game I found was in a book. Spirit Animals!!!? It is so cool, you get to dress your character and choose a spirit animal. It’s on google. You also get to do missions, and fight, and move your character any where you want it.






A Book Report about Bad Kitty Puppy’s Big Day!
  • August 14, 2017

Hi, this is Raymiah, and I want to tell you about a book I read called.” Bad Kitty Puppy’s Big Day!” It Is a VERY good book! I hope you enjoy!

So, in the beginning of the story, kitty gets really mad and starts tearing stuff. The narrator calls Uncle Murray, 15 mins later, Uncle Murray comes, and picks up puppy because kitty is causing problems.So, they go for a walk and behind a bush, puppy finds a toy mouse. The officer pulls up and gives Uncle Murray a ticket, because puppy doesn’t have a leash. Uncle Murray didn’t want to go back to the house because bad kitty. So, he put his belt on the dog…for a leash.

The officer pulled up again and gives Murray another ticket because puppy did #2 and he didn’t have a bag to clean it, so, the officer gave him a bag and a ticket.

10 minutes later, the officer comes and gives Murray a third ticket, because the dog doesn’t have a license, so Uncle Murray gives puppy a license.

So, they go to a park where dogs are allowed. Soon, a dog comes and sniffs puppy’s butt. And, then the dog falls in love. And then she took puppy’s toy, then they get into a fight. Uncle Murray tries to stop it, but the tags rip off. And then the dogs go to the pound.

Then, the dog got mad. And, then the old dog comes. The dog said he’s crazy . Then, this tiny dog comes and tells the dogs not to listen old dog.  The tiny dog writes weird plans to escape the dog jail.

Soon, Murray picks up all the dogs that puppy met.

When PUPPY comes home, the whole house is messed up, because kitty was mad. Puppy gives kitty the mouse toy he found behind the bush, and kitty was happy.The narrator was like SERIOUSLY!!! Kitty was mad because she lost a TOY!!!

So that’s it. I hope you like my report and tell me YOUR fav book.



My Dad Came Back!????
  • August 4, 2017

OMG! My dad came back! YAY!!! He just came back from Colombia! When he came back he slept. Man, was he tired! He helped many people.I thank God for keeping him alive!

Before we picked up my dad , we got dressed, got in the van, drove to the airport, and waited. How we waited: We drove around the airport, and looked for my dad all over. Finally, we found my dad!?

He put his bags in the van, and we cheered!? He got in the front seat, and my mom kissed him.☹(EWW!) And, then my mom explained about the two weeks he was gone. When we came home, my dad gave my mom gifts. My dad always give my mom gifts.

When my dad came home, he explained how it was like in Colombia. It sounded cool.

So, thanks for reading my post, I really be pleased if you commented that you liked it. Thank you. BYE!

Book Report – Owl Diaries: A Woodland Wedding
  • August 3, 2017

This is a book report about owl diaries -a woodland wedding by Rebecca Elliott . The beginning of the book is about Miss .Featherbottom saying that the other classmates that it is pet day  Tuesday so that means and the owl wants to bring Baxter the bat for the pet day then after school Eva and her friends saw miss Featherbottom  and some other man holding each others wings  wing in wing the owls guessed who the man was holding her wings they guessed if it was her brother,cousin,her wing doctor or dance teacher or even her boyfriend after they talked about that Lucy went to Eva’s house to plan what their pets were gonna pets as kings and they made castle for them and and they were ready for Tuesday.The next day the  all the student brought their pets for the pets day.then one of

the classmates rung the bell for lunch time and they had a pets picnic in the classroom.Then Miss. Featherbottom told her students that her boyfriend was gonna marry her the Saturday coming up and the pets and the students were invited. She needed

them to find something to wear for the wedding and that is wear something old,new borrowed and something blue and  she already had something old.After school Lucy went with Eva to Eva’s house to make a wedding dress out of old sheets and made Baxter and Rex as grooms .They were playing wedding and they saw sue fly by and  she said something really mean to them then Lucy headed home and the owls went to sleep.Eva went to school early and when she saw Miss. Featherbottom she looked sad because some one stole her necklace.It was recess time and everyone was playing weddingand sue said something mean again.Eva ha

d an idea so she gathered everyone and asked who wants to be in the after school secret wedding planners club everyone but sue said yes.After school they had their first meeting and Eva wrote down the to do list :

1.bake cake

2. make decorations (garlands,balloons,tablecloths)

3.pick flowers for the bouquets

4. find a band

Next they went to Eva’s house to make bouquets and to pick flowers then they made a cake and had a flour fight.They all went home to day Miss. Featherbottom  was still sad because of the missing necklace then  the club held an emergency after school. They were detectives and looked for clues then they saw miss. Featherbottom’s necklace in sue bag they asked her is that the teachers necklace she said no even though they saw it was hers.They went to sue’s house and saw the necklace and sue looked sad because her mother that her birthday was the Sunday coming up. Sue said that she she was sorry that she stole her necklace and asked if she could be in the club they said yes. They went and made a crown and got pat supplies the next day was the wedding surprised her with the necklace after the wedding everyone went home  .Sunday they did a party at sue’s house while she was gone for her and she thanked  them and said sorry for stealing the necklace. That is all bye!

I Made Something Today!
  • August 3, 2017

I made something with my mom. Here’s a hint on what I made: It’s a blue jean bag! My mom did all the work… well, the sewing she did.  She insisted! I’m Lazy, Lol. But all the artistic stuff was totally my idea.

My bag looks artistic. It’s very creative look’in. I used paint to do it.

This paragraph is not about making something.

I did something I CAN NOT do. Go fishing. I went fishing with my Bro and friends. I got a headache. So, I went home and sat on the couch. Man, was I bored! My mom asked me if I wanted to make something. I said, ” I don’t know what to make.” She said that I could make a bag so, I agreed. My sister made an apron. Any-hoo, I cut the jeans with my mom and she started to sew the bottom. I waited. She asked me if I wanted fabric in the inside. I nodded, and then my headache grew back, then I said yes. so she turned the bag inside out, then hot glued it. And, then flipped the bag over. It looked pretty in the inside. She also made the strap.

I will show you what we got so far.

Now that my bag is done, I will show you how it looks like.

It’s colorful, glittery, it has two diamonds, one on each side, it has a bow on the side (to make it look like the bow is holding the strap onto the bag), and the strap has pretty ribbons flowing with the strap, in the inside, it looks country-ish. You know, of course, it’s made out of jeans!(WHAT!) It’s made out of my sister jeans.(WHAT!) I will wear it to church and show the wonderful creation.(chorus)

The two weeks without my dad
  • July 31, 2017

Hello! My name is Rylee as you all know . I did this this to talk about the two weeks without my dad . So my dad is strict to the boys while he is here and while he was gone the boys were playing all the days while my dad was  gone in Colombia.  So the girls did the chores and the boys chore but Ray did his outside chores but Quamir and Quashon were so lazy my mom had to force them. So any way  I did everything I was supposed to do to make mommy as happy as she could be  like as daddy was here . I did Ray’s chore to make mommy happy as like daddy was here and she was in fact  she was happy without daddy too because she was texting him like crazy! She was fine, eventually . I did my best and did her chore so she wouldn’t lose her voice , I yelled at them for her and I folded her clothes and hung them up too. I love cleaning and folding things I get it  I get it . While daddy was gone I got bored and did ray’s chore the kitchen you know the other post I posted to  the home stead. The frozen yogurt one , remember?   Anyhoo back to the cleaning thing  I did mommy chores like her clothes and the kids room and the living room and the house except for the kids bathroom because mom and dad wanted to see how many tissue they used anyway I did the house but it was dirty because those pigs not the actual pig I was talking  about the kids they make a lot of messes like when I cleaned the kitchen it was a mess again that  is when those extras that moved in  were here Shanice, Quamir and Quashon was at the house but when they are not here everything and everyone is in peace. It was like that in order but the folding mommy’s clothes was a one time opportunity. That is all for this week good bye !

Something that is not my chore
  • July 31, 2017

So I love cleaning when I’m bored but I don’t like being told to clean up so I do other chores that are not my chore .  I hate to break it to you but they get in trouble for not doing chores. So any way I was so bored I tried to clean the whole house. When it was little ray ray’s  chore to clean the kitchen I did it because I was   bored. When I was done cleaning  everything clean and spotless . I showed my mom and she took a picture because I did not know that I could clean that well. My mom said ” When daddy comes back the Sunday  that week on Friday we’ll go for some frozen yogurt!”  I was so exited and this week is the week we go four more days we go get frozen yogurt. Today is Monday by the way.I love cleaning when it’s not told  right?  Bye, see ya’ll next week!

Book Report – Martha Speaks: Secret Agent Dog
  • June 28, 2017

Martha speaks Secret agent dog. Susan Maeddaugh made it .I chose this book because I wanted to read a book  about a talking dog that is a girl dog . The title did sound interesting though.I’m curios about it. The dog flying with a machine on her back for the title made it interesting .the story took place in a car store,air balloon  and her house. The main main character is Martha the dog on the secret agent mission.I guess there is one character then.Martha was on the case because some one stole granny’s recipe from Granny’s soup factory.There was the problem the was trying to solve.The character was on a in the beginning of the story Martha got a note to be an agent. She day dreamed of the things she’ll wear and be. In the middle , the K9-001 told Martha the password to granny’s formula , Martha didn’t even know until she got to Helen . Helen told Martha  ” It seems like they were using you . At the end of the story book she got a call from the professor  so she went to the lab and they needed her to get the formula away from  the doctor felt marker  and she also needed to save Granny. When she was done  doing those things the police arrested the crooks K9-001 also known as Bruno and Dr. Felt marker. Then she got rewarded   with sausage . I did like the book  really. I liked a lot it made me feel exited to read it and at the end it made me feel happy because the crooks got arrested .I’ll tell my friends to read it .

I hoped you liked my book report . Bye!