Who said raising a baby has to break the bank? Over the years, my husband and I manage to save thousands of dollars by shopping and bargaining smart. Here’s some of our no-fail ways to save:

1. Shopping off brand. We have become fans of WalMart brand diapers, wipes and some baby snacks. We save a lot by buying off brand. Diapers are very expensive and people will pay $30+ on a brand without thinking that the pampers are made of the same material and will be disposed of anyway.

2. WE DO NOT BUY DREFT!!! Nuff said! LOL There are plenty of brands who offer hypoallergenic and organic ingredients to protect your baby’s skin. I paid $3.00 for a bottle  of Purex for babies instead of paying $10 for the same size of Dreft!

3. Recycle baby clothes and accessories! We’re old-school and we believe in passing down clothes. We also buy used clothes, car seats, cribs, etc. in bulk from Craigslist and Ebay. We also have friends and family who will give away clothes. Perfect example: our son has clothes up until he turns 10 years old! Now we gave away a ton of clothes because our style has changed but not a bad deal!! We always donate clothes. I know some people who live to  sell baby clothes and such that was handed down to the for an easy buck instead of blessing  others, but hey! To each its own!


We found this car seat outside in perfect condition with the base!


Crib given from a friend


Smart buy! $3

My husband and I decided before we had children that raising children will not be a burden especially if God blessed us with them. He will provide for them and give us the wisdom on raising and providing for them. It has worked out so far! We are grateful!

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