Getting my body back!

Before I became a mother, I wore a size 0. I liked my figure for the most part because I had a dream to become a model, but because I am only 5’5, that dream didn’t measure up…literally. Now after FOUR babies, I only dream to be that size again. I’m now a size 4 […]

What’s Cooking?!

Coming into marriage, I was familiar with cooking but I was in no way good at it. I prepared simple dishes that appeared as if I knew what I was doing. My first dinner I prepared for my husband was steak, potatoes (flaked and in the box) and California blend vegetables. That was a good […]

Praying for my husband (Part Two)

My husband and I celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary, September 10. I am so blessed to see and enjoy the day with him. Our lives have been quite hectic and unexpected these past months and I know that with him being in a leadership position caring for a family of 6 now. I have […]

Praying for my husband (Part One)

Like many little girls, I’ve dreamed of a fairytale wedding ceremony; big princess dress with a 20 foot train and a prince waiting for me at the altar. But unlike many girls, I prayed that my husband will love me unconditionally and will be Christ-like. I have seen many marriages crumble before my very eyes. […]

Staying Home

In my opinion, you have to be very creative to make staying at home a fun thing. During the first few months of marriage, I was home by myself. I had a way to get around if need be, but I enjoyed staying at home! I became interested in sewing and designing. As a result […]